That’s the nice thing about being human. We only have one life, but we can choose what kind of story it’s going to be.”

― Rick Riordan

The Gift of Your Story

by Tatiana 'Tajci' Cameron | 25 Gifts for Christmas

Your story is a story of journey. And like all of our stories, they are full of ups and downs, conflicts and resolutions, heroes and those who challenge us, a love interest, pain and passion that come with it, and many side characters and comic reliefs.

Your story is how you show up in the world. Each step happens in a single moment, and each one of those smallest moments counts.

As you reflect on the Gift of Your Story and recall the moments that were filled with pain, think about how those moments – as well as the ones filled with joy were always an opportunity to say ‘yes’ to love and ‘no’ to fear and destructive behavior.


What are three things you are most grateful about Your Story? Is it the failures or successes? Is it people that make your story exciting and challenging? Is it love you have experienced?

Ask yourself this question:

“What can I do today to move my story into a direction that will bring me closer to that place where Love, Christ was born for me.”

O Come Divine Messiah

by Tatiana 'Tajci' Cameron | Originally on "Christmas Special Live"

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