Giving gifts is kind of an art form. It doesn’t take training or special education, but there is a certain finesse that goes into presenting a gift to take the receiver’s breath away. Once upon a time, I worked in retail, and everything was always a month or 2 ahead of the calendar. For instance, in September, Halloween and Thanksgiving items would have been on the shelves for a few weeks already. In another month, a steady trickle of Christmas and New Year’s paraphernalia would start to appear, so take note. I’m going to make gift giving this year a little easier, by giving you some gift inspiration.

Gift slumps happen, sad, but true, so you have glean inspiration from things around you and the object of your gift intentions. This is how you think out of the box, so here we go! 5 places for gift inspiration:


Believe it or not, you collect and build your tribe based on your ideals, hobbies, sense of humor, style, etc. We may not always be carbon copies of each other, but trust me, we are often very similar. Think about the things you have in common with the person you are shopping for. If you share an affinity for books, make a gift basket with all the book lover fixings. Things like a reading light, bottle of wine, a book they’ve been talking about and a blanket to get cozy. Maybe you do yoga together. Put together a yoga-inspired basket. Instead of adding guesswork, look at yourself first, then see where you guys connect.


Honestly, who doesn’t love food? Food is like music, it strikes a cord for everyone, by triggering memories and emotions. Package some of their favorite snacks and drinks into a picnic basket. Maybe their love of food translates to a love of cooking. In that case, some gourmet olive oil, vinegar and fine spices may tickle their fancy. The side benefit of gifting food is, you may get some. (*wink*)


Hobbies are huge indicators of our personalities. They reveal what we do in our spare time and what we value. In some case, they can even reveal our character. A person who likes to craft would appreciate crafting materials. Someone who enjoys movies may like vintage movie collectibles. Maybe the person likes collecting comic books, in that case, create a custom comic book for them or a magazine. Sometimes, you have to broaden the scope of the hobby to get inspiration.


This is actually one of my favorites. Work-related gifts lighten up a responsibility while providing something that may be needed. Some of the best gifts are desired AND needed. Working from home has really blown up in the last few years and a large portion of that growth can be attributed to people shifting the focus from out of the home, to in the home. Whether they are parents, college students or people just looking for a change, this is a huge movement. Things to consider giving to someone who works in or out of the home are: planners, pens, an engraved executive folder and more. There are even gift boxes directed toward business owners and professionals.


I find it odd that experience is quite underutilized when considering gifts to give. The word “gift” is often associated with something tangible, but according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, one definition of gift is: the act, right, or power of giving. In light of this, look at ways to create an experience for them to enjoy. As a mom, one of the most memorable gifts I received, was a day at the spa. I took nothing tangible from that day, but I have the awesome memory of being pampered, getting a haircut and getting a massage. It stands out because I was a new mother. I was tired, frazzled and desperately a break. Experiences can’t be seen, held or wrapped, but they elicit the same joyous response as opening a box or unwrapping a basket.

The main thing to remember about gift giving is to be inspired. Don’t get nervous about giving a gift, embrace it! Gifts are meant to celebrate and evoke joyfulness. Don’t think about giving the best gift, think about creating the best memory. No matter what you give a person, they will absolutely love that you took time, energy and heart to make their day a little brighter. So, get inspired!

Paula Creed-Smith is a married, mother of 2 and the owner/curator and Giftologist of Ceh Flora Gift Co.



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